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Four Easy Ways To Decrease Bounce Rate For Your Blog

Every Blogger likes to get more traffic to his site and also to keep visitors on his blog as much time as possible,which means the readers should find your articles interesting and useful. Often a blog doesn’t reach more than 1 page per visit ; in fact visitors come in,read the post and run away.Only one pageview from a visitor is called a “bounce”.This is very normal for a blog; But there are some techniques which can help you to decrease the bounce rate and increase the pageviews in single session.

reduce your bouncerate

reduce your bounce rate

Write Many High Quality Articles :
This is the common suggestion you get from every fellow blogger,but it is still the first factor when you write a new article for your blog and more posts you write,the more information is available for both your visitors and search engines. Be simple,unique and supply interesting and useful topics for your visitors.
If you can produce more high quality articles in your blog,the visitors will stay much longer in your blog which decrease the bounce rate,and increase the pageviews.

Interlink Articles :
This is one of the most effective techniques to increase your pageviews. It consists in simply linking your posts to each other when they contain some related information.
While you write new articles keep the interlinking manual and don’t use any interlinking automatic plugins as this drastically decreases the loading time and can have an adverse effect when it comes to search engines.

Add a  Search Box To Your Blog :
Many themes contains search boxes but if you don’t have one,add it to your blog as soon as possible.This helps users to easily find the article they want to read.

Divide The Posts In Your Homepage :
Display as many posts as possible on the homepage. Don’t display entire post on homepage.Try to display all the latest posts on the homepage so that they will have a look at all the latest articles you have posted which will help in reducing the bounce rate and increase the pageviews.


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Ten Must Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers.

There are Many plugins for wordpress.For every single task you want to perform on wordpress,there is a plugin.Many of them are useless while some plugins are quite useful. I have used many plugins so far and found some of them quite interesting and useful.So Here’s a list of some of the top¬† wordpress plugins which are very useful for your blog.

Top wordpress plugins.

Top wordpress plugins.

Top WordPress Plugins For Bloggers :

1.Google XML site Maps :
This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.

2.WordPress SEO by Yoast :
Improve your SEO. Write better content and have a fully optimized wordpress site using this wordpress plugin by yoast.

3.Betteir WP securty :
Security is must and primary need for any wordpress blog. The is the easiest and most effective way to secure your wordpress blog is by installing this plugin.

4.Wordfence Security:
This is another useful plugin.This is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall,virus scanning,real-time traffic with geolocation and many other features.

5.All In One SEO Pack:
This plugin is recommended by many top bloggers. This plugin automatically optimize your wordpress blog for Search Engines such as google.

6.Cookies for Comments:
I found this plugin to be very useful. At first i used to get around 200 spam comments everyday. But after Installing this plugin the number of spams has been reduced to zero. This plugin adds a stylesheet or image to your blog’s html source code. When a browser loads that style sheet a cookie is dropped. If that user then leaves a comment,the cookie is checked. If that cookie doesn’t exist then the comment is marked as spam.

7.Newsletter :
This plugin adds a real newsletter to your blog for free in seconds with unlimited emails and subscribers.

8.WP Touch Mobile Plugin:
This plugin creates a slick mobile wordpress site in just a few clicks.

9.Subscriber To Comments Reloaded:
This plugin allows commenters to signup for email notifications of subsequent replies.

10.Share Buttons By AddToAny:
This plugin gives share buttons including AddToAny’s Universal sharing button,Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Pinterest,Stumbleupon and many other social networking sites.

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