Funny Google tricks - Amazing google pranks, miss at your own risk.

Amazing funny Google Tricks

Today I will show you some amazing Google tricks you can't see before. You know that google is always awesome. Google not only provide her services and resource free but also a miracle to the world. It gives us many interesting facts too.

Google like to hide their secrets in their products and services, either in the search engine with “Do a barrel roll“  and “Google Gravity“ on Youtube  with “Do Harlem Shake in the image search engine with “Atari Breakout“ and more. This call those are Easter Eggs (hidden, entertaining things developers build into a website or program) and encourage us to find them. I’m certain they'll exit rather more secrets to light-weight,  except, for now, here I leave some I’m sure you’ll be astounded.

So let’s concentrate on all its cool quirks.

Here are Top 10 Cool/amazing Google Tricks

1. Do a barrel roll google trick

Do a barrel roll google trick
"Do a barrel roll" Screenshot
Do a roll translates as “turns around “, that refers to at least one during which the plane rotates 360 ° regarding its axis aerobatic maneuver. although you have got newer seen this trick is straightforward to imagine what happens once one appearance, in English Do a Barrel Roll”. Click to see the fun “Do a Barrel Roll”.

2. Atari Breakout

Atari breakout
Atari Breakout is a most enjoyable google trick. Do a search for an image just typing "Atari Breakout", it converts the search results into a grid similar to the game Breakout. You can control racket by moving the mouse pointer to bounce a ball and destroy image results. When a level is completed, begin a new search for random pictures and images found for that level will be used.

3. Google Gravity

Google Gravity Google trick
Google Gravity

By Typing "Google Gravity" and clicking on the first link it all falls down like you’re in an earthquake. It's very interesting. Disable instant search before typing. Click "Google Gravity" to see the Effect here.

4. Tilt

Google tilt trick
Tilt or “askew” is Google gravity is a trick which will tilt your search results and Google homepage slightly.


Buildwithchrome trick
Buildwithchrome is really cool Google Trick. It sounds like Lego? Are those endless constructions small pieces? Well, this is the same. You have a box full of  Lego and you can build on the board what you turnip leaves until you get bored!!

6. Google Guitar

Google guitar - Google Trick
Google Guitar
Google guitar is yet another gravity trick of google. you will be able to play guitar on the google page. The guitar resembles many features. You Would Record and share your tune. You can also listen to the guitar notes while you are typing something on the search box with your keyboard. Live Here.

7. Google Mirror cool Trick

google Mirror trick
Mirror Trick

This little trick will make everything appear backward. Search for the google search bar with typing "Google mirror" and click on “I am feeling lucky”. Not need to press enter key or search button.

8. The game Dinosaur (Google)

Google the game dinosaur
When problem your net connection and show error message “This page is not available". like this image. Press arrow key to play this game from chrome browser.

9. Zerg Rush do a barrel roll

Zurg Rush google trick
Zurg Rush

Type into google search bar Zurg Rush and click I'm feeling Lucky then see the magic. not need to hit enter batton or search batton.

Google Pac-Man Doodle Game
Google celebrate Pac Man birthday by changing the logo of google. To play this cool game Search into google by typing "Google Pac Man doodle" and click to play batton.

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