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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Top 10 Universal Android Tips and Tricks - You Must Need to know

I admit that my relationship with Android had a difficult start. My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy S Continuum, and it was so terrible that I bought an iPhone at the moment my contract ended. Although my initial experience with Android was terrible, there is no doubt that it has improved in a rapid over the years. I've experienced the impressive side of mobile Google's operating system first hand in tablet form 2012 Nexus 7, which I received as a gift after its release soon. Since then, I have been used as an electronic reading device, game machine, web browser and more. In the process, I discovered some useful tips and tricks to Android related, some of which have listed below!

1. Keep it as PC performance improve.

improve performance like pc
While Android can do much more than iOS, it requires more performance and users finaggle smoothly. You can not do much to upgrade the processor smartphone or tablet (except a new purchase), but the time can take to optimize what you have. Like a PC, Android devices must be customized from time to time. There are several applications that are used in this, such as the AIO toolbox. Even without this application can help but you can do things like removing old applications, do not use, remove widgets that do not use, and end up unnecessary processes on your own. To do the latter (the concept that is much like processes through control finishing + alt + delete on a PC), go to settings, applications, execution and manually finish something that takes too much RAM.

2. Take advantage of Android's customization potential.

Android's customization potential
I can not tell you how many times I've used someone's Android phone just to see that they've set for your home screen is filled with icons of apps like an iPhone. This is great and all, but if you want to lean and easy to make Apple products better. You might also be crazy if you have an Android device! This means that your home screen widget use, search bars, etc. For all the widgets you have, go to the page of your application and then select widgets at the top. You can be surprised how many interesting ways are available to you ...

3. Make sure that you return the device to you when you lose.

Make sure that you return the device to you when you lose.
There is no absolutely safe way to ensure that your phone or tablet is left again when left by accident in the public. That is, you can improve the chances returned by editing the security settings. Go to Settings, then Security, then Owner Information. There you will see a small box where you can enter into the contact information on your lockscreen. This makes it easier for a good Samaritan to return a lost device to their legal owner.

4. Take several batteries.

Take several batteries
Ok, so this advice is not as universal as it used to be, as many Android manufacturers like HTC have a side of apple and bans the batteries. However, this will work if you have a Samsung device that most Android users have. It is quite simple: If you buy several batteries, charge and keep in your backpack or act bag, you can ensure that your phone will never run out of electricity. All you have to do is take the battery out when it's dead and replace it with a new one. So no need to rely on wall sockets, which is useful when you travel a lot.

5. Make your phone hard to cross as Fort Knox.

Make your phone hard to cross as Fort Knox.
Reader Warning: Do not do this if you are really afraid that the information is stolen on your phone. Permanently encrypt your Android device, go to Configuration, Security, Encryption and "Encrypt Phone". Then you are asked to create a pen, each time you are inserted the phone turned on (to decode). This is like the unlock code on an iPhone, but dramatically. Usually your device takes about an hour to be encrypted and can only be undone by a factory resume. Do this only if you have confidential information or want to have your phone as safe as possible. Keep in mind that encrypt your data to reduce the access speed.

6. Try different launchers.

 Try different launchers.
If you have an Android phone, you can use these things as a "pitcher", which is essentially applications that can make you drastic changes to the start screen of the device. The most popular is probably Nova Launcher, with which you can change almost anything you can imagine. There are several other pitchers too, and you can play with them until you find one that you like. Often, they can make your phone perform faster than it would with clunky interfaces that give companies like Samsung and HTC them.

7. Say "Ok, Google" to start a search from any screen.

Say "Ok, Google" to start a search from any screen.
It is the twenty-first century, and we are all busy 24/7. Reduce the time to do the manual search things with his voice. To enable voice control in Google search queries, access the Applications page to find the application of Google. Tap it (it should take up to Google Now) and scroll down until you see the configuration icon in the lower right. Press and select "Voice". Then tap the "OK Google Detect" option and select "From any screen." Now you can start a Google search from any screen of the phone simply with "Ok, Google".

8. Access hidden options developer.

Access hidden options developer.
To get an idea of ​​how Android is customizable, active mode reveals "mystery". Go to the settings on the phone, and click "build number" seven times. Your device should say something like: "You are now a developer!" It's all very Easter egg. If this is done, return to the system configuration and hopefully now something to the title, see "Options for developers." One of the interesting things you can do here is to reduce the time spent on the animation to make your phone feel faster. To do this, go to the "Scale Animation" option, and clear it (you can take longer, too, but do not see why you would like). There are many other sweet adjustments that you can do on this site, but do not go crazy if you know what you're doing.

9. Show useful information about your screen lock.

Show useful information about your screen lock.
You probably already know that you can place widgets on the home screen, but did you know you can do the same for your lockscreen? This means that you can not unlock the phone any more, if all you want is to see some basic information. To do this, go to Configuration, Security, and then tap Enable Widgets. Then go to the lock screen and slide to the left. You should see a big "+" sign. Hit that and you will be taken on a screen in which you can select widgets to place on your lockscreen. Put some of your email to Google Now there are things like the time to see new news, etc.

10. You are not linked to the Google Play Store.

You are not linked to the Google Play Store.
Ok, well, you're, but you can also download other app stores like Amazon if you want. In fact, I suggest you do because they offer always unhealthy treatment, try to tear apart from the warm embrace of Google. One is the "application tag", where Amazon provides a free application to bring more time to your business. If you're lucky, you'll save a lot of money using these promotions as they sometimes release free apps that cost several dollars on Google Play. Do you know a trick and trick Android? Yes, of course! Discuss below with some of the freshest you know!

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